RSS games resource en-us Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road Guide your chicken to the worms in a frogger type game br Buzzer Move the ring around the maze without touching the wire You will need a steady hand and patience for this br Rock Band Rampage Bash everything in sight with your guitar but don t get caught by the cop as he passes by br Wedding Makeover Turn the model into the prettiest and most elegant bride You can try on different types of dresses choose the right accessories and the makeup and harido that looks best br Bird Hunting Shoot or Shit Dont let those birds give there poop on you br Sort My Tiles Dora the Queen Sort all parts of Dora s picture br Max Beakout A good remake of the game break wall with four bumper paddles br Dinky Smash Another arcade style game where you have to pile similar dinkeys to accumulate points br Drifts Dusk falls on the lake and bubbles rise gently from the surface in Drifts Collect a chain of green bubbles and dodge the troublesome purple bubbles as you float through the lilies in this peaceful arcade game Use your mouse to move the red bubble Touc Eyedrops Simply Drag and drop eyeball using your mouse br Dark Cut 2 Find out if you have talents to become a surgeon or perhaps holistic healing is more your thing br br Take the role of a medic officer on the field performing new-found surgical techniques Perform four different surgeries using 11 different tools Ge Super Mario World Flash 2 Welcome to the new world adventure of super mario br The Primitive Safe your buddy from the evil cannibals It looks like this soldier went too far into the jungle and ran into some bad company br Jewels 3D Try to connect jewels with the same type vertically or horizontally br Rock Dude Dress your dude for Superstar duty and share him with your peeps br Shop N Dress Iceberg Rider Game Ride the ice to earn points for your dresses br Holly Hobbie Surprise Party Holly must prepare a surprise party for her aunt Help her pick up apples presents invitations and music before aunt Jessie arrives home br Super Sewer Scramble You are a housefly Your baby larvae have been flushed down the toilet by humans and no you must venture into the damp dark sewer to rescue them all And flies lay lots of eggs so that s a lot of kids Be careful The sewer is 10 levels deep and home Pretty in Pastels It s time for some truly girly style Help Sky Breeze and La-Ling find a flirty outfit with this fun dress up game for girls Let the dress ups begin br Sort My Tiles Mcqueen See cars on the run br Star Defender 4 Efface Space Invaders in the graphical masterpiece Star Defender 4 br Golden Gate Drop While at the top of the Golden Gate bridge hit the targets with your water balloons but avoid the old lady cops seagulls and water cannons of certain rednecks You must get the minimum number of points to advance to the next round Good luck water bal Sweet Country Collect yummy foods along the way while dodging all those monsters br Mini Putt III Play some holes of mini golf as you pick your trajectories and hit the golf ball just right br Brenda Dressup Brenda needs a makeover Bring out the beauty in her by choosing a nice hairstyle dress and makeup br Black and White Dress Up It s Marjorie s first day at her new job in a fashion company Help her find a sharp professional look br Rural Racer Participate in this very cool game of mini racing Finish 8 laps and beat the opponent and show him what it takes to be the ultimate rural racer Enjoy br Sammy the Salmon Swim above river to arrive at the slope of the river Pick up the bottles in the way that will give you score jumping to take them The beaver will help you to jump cascades Use the right cursor to move against the river You must press it repeatedly to How to Make Standard Bistros Shrimp and Grits Let s come and know how to make Standard Bistros Shrimp and Grits br Goal Baby Goal Experience the Football Fever on your computer now Play this game Your team is the orange team Control the player closest to the ball the player is highlighted with a green circle br